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Hair Extensions- Wedding day and every day !

All your life you've dreamt of thicker, longer... -it's okay you can say it- sexier hair.

Maybe you're blonde and you've had your share of "fry-lights" and now your hair is in recovery. . . Maybe you're like me and you have the short end of the stick with the fine hair life... it's pretty boring and not holding a curl the same as your besties no matter what you do or how you style it.

I've got one word for you, and it's a saving grace...


And No, they're not just for the bad a boujie... and their joys reach well beyond wedding day bridal beauty.

Many of my brides ask the same questions about damage and whether or not they'll be obvious..

Because we've all seen that one girl where her bonding was messed up and flying high in the breeze, or heard a story about them ruining a friends hair forever...

That's what we are all here for, Real talk about extensions.

It's about the method chosen for YOUR hair as well as the application. . . And I'm sorry but the other 50% is your home care maintenance and what's realistic for your lifestyle.

Extensions have come a looong way and there are different types of application methods for a reason that goes beyond looks. Companies like Hot Heads and Great Lengths are constantly improving their bonding and products so we may continue to give our clients the best results without the damage. But their innovation only goes so far if your stylist is untrained in them all to share their differences on the least.

SO... What method are you thinking ?

  • Tape in (upto a year with moveup every 6 weeks)

  • Hand tied wefts (upto a year with moveup every 6 - 7 weeks)

  • Keratin bonding (4-6 months no maintenance, new hair each time)

  • Clip ins (wear as needed throw in bag pull out again when you want to get fancy)

A quick google search will define them on detail for you specifically by way of application but if you're here I am sure you're already researching.

Also...I dont condone self diagnosis of which is best for whom- that's best done at a consultation, which I do for my brides in my home studio or in the privacy of their homes (install too).

During the consultation we go over your lifestyle, expectations from hair extensions, color match for a perfect blend, determine the method and how much hair is needed to achieve your best hair day, and finally the maintenance.

What's best for brides?

Consider hair extensions long before wedding day. I recommend trying them 6 months prior to wedding day if choosing anything other than clip ins. That way adjustments can be made and you'll know your comfort. Typically I find that once you try them, life is so amazing you never want to go back, and that's where I get to see my brides again and again and again for their hair extension maintenance.

Remember, your hair is an investment. There is a different price point for each application method but at the end of the day know you're paying for 100% top quality Remy human hair as well as the expertise and training to do your hair extensions safely and beautifully so you can rock it like a Pinterest model on your wedding day and every day !!!

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