Hair Extensions

How Hair Dreams Come True

Longer, Fuller, Thicker Hair has never been more achievable!

Majestic Hair is now offering a premium line of hair extensions customized to fit your desired hair goals, where you will not only get the best possible quality of European Remy 100% human hair (yes, some brands are synthetic blend or add animal hair) but a customized and professional experience and education with each service.

When applied professionally, by a certified and educated stylist, and maintained with proper care, hair extensions do not damage your natural hair!

Each method requires a certain expectation of commitment to keep you hair growing and healthy.  That's why with each extension service, an appointment is made on the proper move up or maintenance for your hair.

Book a Consultation to see which method is best for you for you!

Blonde Wavy Hair

Great Lengths method

semi permanent

new hair for each application

Keratin Fusion Bonds

Installation time: 4-6 hours;  6-7 hours for removal and new hair appointments

Maintenance: 8 weeks for best; 12 weeks at most to keep your hair in best health

Pricing for Installation:  $1600 plus Hair

Cost of hair:  *starting at $800 *for a full head of 16" hair

5 to 9 bundles of hair is typical depending on desired length and thickness. for a full head installation

Total expected price range: $2400-$3700 per service

Tape adhesive method

new hair every 4th application

Tape in's

Installation time: 1 hour; 2 hours for move-up appointments

Maintenance: 5 weeks

Pricing for Installation:  $300 plus Hair

Cost of hair:  $300/pack for 16-18 inch hair

Most clients who want a bit of volume or thickness can expect 1-2 packs of hair, which may be used up to 4 times.

For clients wanting both length and thickness, expect to need 2-4 packs of hair depending how much length you're hoping to add.

Total expected price range: $600-$1200 initial + $300 maintenance appointments

As needed method

Popular for wedding + event

lasts 1-2 years with normal wear + care

Clip in Hair

Majestic Hair's own line of undetectable seamless hair extensions

Fully Customizable to blend with your natural hair

No Maintenance and apply as desired

Pricing for Standard Set for volume:   $300+

Pricing for Ultimate Set for volume + length: $350+