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Making Dreams Come True

 It's about how she  t r u l y  feels. This is her One day she gets to wear This dress; and she should feel most beautiful as she steps into it surrounded by her best friends. Each moment of this memory is defined by her confidence, love, and excitement to be given away to her soulmate. Ensuring That confidence and Being part of that emotion.. That's my favorite part of making my brides beautiful.

Paige Virginia
Owner + Hair Artist

As a bridal beauty professional in South Florida for 11 years, Paige is not only a master in the art of hair styling, she prides herself on giving every bride the ultimate bridal experience, catering to their beauty within, every step of the way.

From your trial, Paige will begin to connect with you on your wedding vision, dress, venue, flowers, photographer, and personalized details which make your wedding unique.  Her professionalism and empathy pairs with her ability to take your inspirations and perfect them to your hair type, face shape, and overall desires.

When styling, she takes into consideration the tiny details and is always looking to make you smile.  In a world of technology and over edited photos, Paige delivers a true human connection with truly beautiful talent with every person she meets and every woman she styles.

On your wedding day, Paige stays with you after styling you and your bridal party, ensuring every hair is in place as well as keeping emotions calm and enjoyable throughout your entire day.  Paige knows what to expect when it comes to wedding day sequence and will work with your planner and photographer to create a timeline she will ensure everyone sticks to.  It's your wedding. Relax, hydrate, laugh, and enjoy every moment of being the bride.

More than Hair Styling

A Perfectionist of Every Detail 

High hold, YES, but Less is more when it comes to professional hair products for your wedding day.  Your hair type and style choice will determine which products will be selected.  With early start times on wedding days for getting ready, we use curl sets to ensure the hold by allowing the hair to cool and set before completing the style, allowing for less product and more security for the soft, romantic styles to Last.

An additional hairstylist may be booked with your reservation if shorter timeline is desired.

Turning a Vision into Reality

Over the years, Paige has partnered with some of south Florida's most elite makeup artists.  Each bride shares the desire for flawlessly lasting and wearable makeup complimenting her beauty preferences.  They are each of true quality and professionalism with an array of talent to handle any skin type and style for you and your bridesmaids, from naturally enhanced to glam.

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