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Bridal beauty and your bridesmaids

It never fails.. When I mention that I am a bridal stylist the first question is usually centered around the pressures and added drama of the day due to bridezillas. They're quite rare actually.. They ask about the excitement, the beautiful venues, and the skill it must take to do what we do with so many personalities involved on wedding day.

Pause for thanks, because Yes, that is a HUGE part of what we do as bridal stylists (and stylists of all kinds)... Cater to all types of personalities.

So in my experience, likely because I have the best brides, the trouble can come from the next best thing... the bridesmaids. Not necessarily the maid of honor or anyone specifically, but from the moment they, too, said "YES", the pressure is on for the ladies you hold dearest to your heart to make your wedding day picture perfect.

Think about it.

  • Bridal shower

  • Dress shopping

  • Bachelorette Party

  • Help with vendor choices

  • Help with everything choices

  • More dress shopping ... until "That's the one!!"

  • and now... Hair and Makeup

Everything up until that last one was happily about you, and now the big day has arrived and we're deciding beauty feels. For the average bride, no big's, but for some here is where that one friend doesn't like her hair parted to the left or in an up-do for the pretty and absolutely Pinterest worthy photos you pictured. Or perhaps there's one or two who don't wear a lot of makeup, so they've decided to opt out for the lashes, or makeup entirely, to do their own..... .....................................................

Truth. Being a bridesmaid should feel like an honor, not an obligation.

and still... beauty and a bridesmaid with a smile is kind of part of the job. More often than not, when this seemingly unavoidable, tension pending, friendship awkwardly spiraling into a category 5 hurricane moment happens day of the wedding, hair and makeup artists are left dealing with the elephant in the getting ready space. The day has begun spending precious moments deciding, changing, doing, undoing, redoing, deciding what to do for this bridesmaid to make her happy with her beauty too all while not stressing the bride out.

Okay that was dramatic... but truly it happens more often than you'd think.

In honor of your bridesmaids and them feeling the warmth and how special they are to you, we always suggest discussing hair and makeup with them prior to wedding day. Once you've chosen your hair and makeup artist, scroll their Instagram accounts, with them and find hairstyles that you love and that make them feel pretty and ready to celebrate! If you sense one or two of them may be a little unsure of what they'd like for one reason or another, you may even offer them a trial, as a gift, with your hair and makeup artist to help them decide how they'll like their beauty to look and feel as well. ( yes it's a thing that not just reserved for the "MOB").

They'll thank you. We'll thank you. And you'll thank yourself !

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