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Choose wisely for your bridal hair

You're at your bridal hair trial with your stylist, you've pinned some inspiration pics and dug up that awful photo of yourself as a bridesmaid. You know, that one you 'untagged' yourself in on Instagram. It resurfaces now only for you to say something like, "my hair just never holds a curl," or worse " I hated my hair that day".

In fact, that experience likely convinced you that you would have it all figured out for your own wedding. So for a while now, you've known just about every detail of your wedding day; especially your hair.

Or so you thought...

Before you go setting your heart to a certain hairstyle, and potentially ending up with another disaster, let's consider some key factors here.

  • Your venue and the time of year When and where you're getting married will always contribute to the longevity and results of your hair. Humidity, indoor or outdoor photos, wind, beachy breeze, and let's not forget the heat heat heat!

  • Your dress This may seem obvious, though aside from the design and overall style you've chosen, the material can also play a part in your hair frizzing or loosening unwanted strands when it comes in contact or gets stuck on the beaded or textured details!

  • Your hair color and thickness This is a big one. We all love big and glorious romantic hair, but extensions may be an unsung hero when mimicking that Pintrest fav, as they're not just for length. Does your inspo pin have a dimensional blonde model but you're a natural brunette?

  • Your face Yeah, I said it.. your face. While were all beautiful, not everybody can pull off the side swept bang with a teased crown without looking like a hat. Just remember there is always a way of softening these styles to compliment your shape and natural partings.

  • Your haircut Romantic styles are amazing, and while I clearly love the timeless trend I'm often pointing out to my brides to be the length and thickness of their desired loose strands for their updo and whether or not they should be trimmed or reconsidered for best placement and effect.

All things considered, even if your date is smacked in the middle of the Florida heat on a humid day by the beach, it doesn't mean you can't have your curls either! You likely need to have your stylist stay at least until your ceremony for touchups and details so your wedding day photos don't look like that flash back I mentioned earlier.

What are some wedding hairstyles you are inspired by? DM me on Instagram @MajesticHairFL or leave a comment below to inspire next weeks post on how they hold up best in real weddings!

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